understanding a photograph

lately, i’ve been reading through the book understanding a photograph by john berger. the title of the book is both accurate and deceiving. mr. berger does, in fact, address a number of photographs. however, the compilation of his various writings — while centered around photography — in reality represent deep and thoughtful ponderings over wide-ranging topics (primarily, social/political issues, and predominantly from a moderately left-leaning, intellectual point-of-view). because it’s more philosophical than technical in nature, the book has really stimulated thought of my own, as well as quite a bit of self-reflection regarding my own photographic pursuits. i’m not going to write a full review — i haven’t even finished the book yet — but i do plan on writing some of my own thoughts now that i’ve been inspired. stay tuned.
special thanks to devan grimsrud for buying understanding a photograph for me, and thanks to do you read me?! for carrying it.

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